Leased line transmission – Point to Point

Leased line connect directly from the beginning to the end, not through the network.

Design for enterprises with adsolue data confidentiality requirements, stable, high transfer rates, 24/24 supports.

Technology: WDM, NG-SDH

Advantages: high speed 100Mbps – 10Gbps, absolute security

Metronet – MPLS

Connect points of customers through the network.

Technology: MPLS VPN Layer 2

Advantages: selected speed 1Mbps – 100Mbps. Customers with proactive configuration, routing.

Self-warning system. Through the self-routing network system, the channel is uninterrupted.

Optical cable Internet FTTH

Customers share the same network through fixed packages.

Designed for customers with common usage needs: mail, internet, youtube…

Technology: AON and WDM

Advantages: reasonable expenses, quick installation.

Internet leased line

Leased line directly connected to the international cable.

Designed for enterprises using online services, stable data transmission, high speed, security.

Technology: MPLS VPN Layer 2

Advantages: high speed, stable connection, support backup lines.